Giving it one more try

This is my third attempt at blogging, in case my blog title and sub head didn’t give that away already. This time I hope to stick to it. I am famous for starting things and giving up halfway; this includes workouts, mundane house work and even jobs. Hopefully all this will change! I have started the 30 day shred and I am on day 4, woo hoo! I freelance and hence don’t have a regular job, so cannot quit one. And since getting married and setting up a home of our own, I have slowly started cooking, cleaning and have even developed an obsessive need to vacuum every time I see a dust bunny. How long this will last, who knows? Given my previous track record, it doesn’t look good. But here’s hoping.


3 thoughts on “Giving it one more try

  1. Good luck with consistent blogging. As Mark Twain once said about quitting smoking, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it about 1,000 times.”

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