Shredding it (Part 1)

So for the first 24 years or so of my life I was a skinny thing– flat as a board, collar bones jutting out, and the thinnest arms imaginable. I ate like a horse, and didn’t put on a gram of weight…aah the days of high metabolism. That is not to say I had a model figure, my practically nonexistent upper body was  coupled with large hips and pretty solid legs. But still, I was skinny! I could wear tight and tiny tops and get away with it, and the hips added some curves to my body. Though at the time I never appreciated it, I wanted boobs, I wanted to be well-proportioned. I actually joint a gym to put on weight (that lasted all of three months).

Fast forward to four years ago, I moved away from home, and was living and working in another city. I started eating at odd hours, more often than not my meals were oily dabbas or maggi with cheese. And once in a while, in an attempt to eat healthy I would order a sub, with all vegetables on it.

I finally started putting on weight. Which, I thought was a good thing, initially. But, over a period it didn’t feel right. From skinny I had become slim, but I could feel the extra fat sitting on my hips, making itself at home on my belly and thighs. So , while I was far from obese, I was beginning to feel unhealthy. And never being a particularly athletic or even active person, I had no idea on how to go about losing the excess weight or even toning up. There were attempts made to join a gym, and by attempts I mean looking up gym locations nearby. But, nothing came of it. Also, living away from home meant more drinking out, which didn’t help in the calories department.

Finally, a year and a half ago, I decided enough was enough and something had to be done about my burgeoning belly and hips. This decision was a result of me squeezing myself into my jeans, and sucking said belly in so I could zip the jeans up. It was excruciating, I couldn’t breath, I had a very unattractive muffin top and I could feel the rolls of fat on my stomach. I wore tops that were loose around my stomach and hips, to give the illusion of slimness. I had to rectify this situation immediately. I decided on yoga!

Considering my sedentary life, yoga seemed like a good way to ease myself into the whole business of getting fit. I learnt  the surya namaskar and I was inspired by tales of Kareena Kapoor doing a hundred a day and becoming a size zero. If she could do it, so could I. One could dream…. (end of part 1)



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