Shredding it (Part 2)

(You can read Part 1 here)

First day of yoga, I managed all of three surya namaskars (three on each side I’ll have you know) and was bushed. I was appalled with self, how does Kareena manage 100! But, I persevered, after a week or so, I was up to ten. I felt more flexible, could bend and touch my toes, my joints didn’t creak like an old woman’s anymore. I was feeling pretty good about myself. But then I got bored! It was too slow, too much concentrating on breathing, I would go a few days without doing yoga. This would result in losing all that new found flexibility and nimbleness and I would be back to square one. Also, there were no immediate results when it came to weight loss, though my stamina did increase.

I know yoga has vast, long term benefits, and I should be patient and go through the motions. But, I was getting too bloody bored. So after about a year of doing yoga very sporadically, I decided I needed something faster, something to make my heart  race, something to make me feel young. And so I turned to the Insanity workout  (a couple of people I knew had done it and had really good results, so did more research online and decided to try it).

Never has a workout been so aptly named! I decided on the fast and furious, 20 minute insanity workout. It is 20 minutes of hell. Jumping jacks, push ups, planks, running on the spot all done at a frenetic pace, with the trainer screaming at you to go faster, push harder. My body was way to out of shape for it. I got tired watching the video of the workout! After two minutes of halfheartedly trying to keep up, I decided to look for something a little less scary. I handed over the Insanity video to the workout crazy husband. He seems to be enjoying it, I hear him thudding and jumping around the guest room every morning, hopefully doing the workout, while I sleep in.

More research followed online, and I came across the 30 day Shred  by Jillian Michaels. Jillian was one of the trainers on ‘The Biggest Loser’, and known for her toughness. Though in the 30 day shred (30ds) video she seems quite reasonable and lovely. Anyway, 30ds consists of three levels of workout, each level done for ten days. The workout is only about 25 minutes, so easy to fit in and consists of cardio, ab exercises and strength exercises. All you need is a mat and a set of weights, though I am doing the strength exercises without the weights at the moment, easing myself into it. I am done with 5 days of level one, and I love it! It is not an easy workout, it’s hard and pushes you. I was in pain for two days after my first time doing it, but it is far more manageable than the Insanity workout for someone like me, who has never really worked out ever.

And I see results, by day three I was not collapsing after the workout, I was feeling more active, fit and energetic. I could feel my muscles toning up. My body felt a bit tighter. This workout seems quite popular, lots of before and after pictures, testimonies about losing inches and pounds are available online. I don’t really buy into those normally, but after five days, I have to say, I could become a believer in 30ds.

I am eating as usual and not following any diet plan. Most people do it continuously for 30 days, but at the moment, I am not feeling too well, and have decided to take a day off from it.  I also plan to take a couple of rest days in between, if required, I don’t want to overdo it. That being said, I love the feeling post-workout, pride that I managed to do it, knowing I am that much closer to being fit and the rush from the endorphins.

I am actually, for the first time ever, looking forward to working out and annoyed that I am not feeling well enough to shred it.  Wish me luck. Will keep you posted on my progress.


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