Chick-lit Love! (Part 1)

I enjoy a good chick-lit, and I am not ashamed to admit it.  They are light, happy, fun and fast reads; perfect escapism when you have had a not-so-great day. Also, almost all chick-lits are predictable, so there is no agonising  over what will happen at the end; will she  regain her memory and learn to love him again, will he ever forgive her for slighting him at the dance, the answers to all these questions is always a resounding yes! There is a certain comfort in knowing everything will work itself out by the end of the book, something that doesn’t often happen in real life.

The characters in all chick-lits are more or less the same, you have the rugged-jawed, handsome heroes who hide their vulnerability with  their brusque behaviour and the pretty and quirky heroines who manage to  infuriate, allure and intrigue all at the same time. Then you have either a few or all of the following characters; the nosy mother, the clueless father, the spoilt sibling, the supportive best friend and the other guy (who the female protagonist initially falls for only to find out that beneath his charming act lies a deceiving man) –And somehow it never gets old.  I still devour them, tired story line, done-to-death plots and all.

I have read a variety of chick-lit, the well written ones, the trite ones, the copycat ones et all. But, my most favourite one would have to be, Bridget Jones Diary, I laughed, empathised and worried while reading the book.  There was even a point where I shouted out loud at Bridget (luckily, I was reading alone in my room), because she was being stupid , she felt like a friend.  And when she finally got the guy, I was thrilled for her. I even enjoyed the sequel, though I have to say the Thailand part of the book was a bit facetious. I recently read that Helen Fielding is in the process of writing the third Bridget Jones  book, I cannot wait for it.

The Shopaholic series I initially enjoyed, the first couple were entertaining, though there were many a times I wanted to shake Rebecca Bloomwood for her uncontrollable spending, but then came out Shopaholic & Sister, Shopaholic & Baby…it all became too much.  I think after one book, the character should be retired (this does not apply to Bridget Jones) , too many sequels give rise to mad plot lines, and make a once endearing character seem rather childish and silly…. (end of part 1)


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