Wishful thinking


Did you guys miss me? I would like to think there are a whole bunch of readers out there who frantically log on everyday to see what I have been up to. I am the queen of wishful thinking. Anyway, I have been away on a most fabulous holiday. Spent five glorious days in Singapore with C. We stayed with C’s sister and her fiance in their most fabulous apartment. C’s younger sister made a trip out to Singapore as well, so it was a full-blown family affair.

A lot of beer and wine was drunk, a lot of delicious food was eaten, and a little bit of shopping was done as well. We did the regular touristy things — visit to Clark Quay, Arab Street, the malls, the bars etc. I also spent a day at the museums while C went off to Universal Studios and the Aquarium. We both did go to the zoo together, which C enjoyed, while I sniffled and shuffled along behind him as I had caught a nasty cold.

This was my first trip to Singapore and what a city! Clean, organised and safe (more so than many cities in Europe) — my kind of place. While high-rises and malls abound, there were also wonderful spots of greenery, I could have gotten used to living there.

I know the state is autocratic and there is control over the media and the country has its share of problems. But, visiting from a country where harassment and crimes against women are on the rise, a country where poverty abounds, where  traffic is disorganised, and an erratic electricity situation is the norm; I would pick Singapore any day, any time just for the feeling of safety and dependability.

Though any hopes of moving there is a far of dream. Everything is so expensive whether rent or food. And you can forget about owning a car there what with the insane taxes, though with the excellent public transport system, having your own car isn’t something you would miss too much. Maybe, one day, when we make a lot of money, we could move to Singapore, live in a fancy penthouse overlooking the city and feel safe. That’s the plan! I told you, I am the queen of wishful thinking.


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