I have the ultimate love/hate relationship with my period. I panic till I get it, and when it finally comes I remember what a bloody pain (I apologise for that terrible pun) it is. One of the best things about being pregnant would be not having a period for nine whole months, not to mention having a little baby of one’s own. Though, the thought of the pain, the weight I will put on and the being responsible for another living thing does have me second guessing wanting to ever get pregnant. Though, that is for another post.

Getting back to the topic of my period, the days leading up to it has me cranky, weepy and crampy ( Sorry, but I am that stereotypical pmsing woman). Add to that my skin breaking out and mouth ulcers, trust me , it is not a pretty picture. I think my period is due now, I feel a bit cranky and have no inclination of getting up from the comfortable spot on the sofa much less working out. I even teared up watching an advertisement on television. The wait begins, for the dreaded period. I remember watching an advertisement (another ad, not the one that had me tearing up) where these girls wished each other a ‘happy period’, It was a sanitary napkin ad. I wonder does anyone ever have a happy one? Gosh, this is a random post. Ramblings of a pmsing woman. Anyway here is wishing you and me a happy period!

p.s. I hate, hate and despise it when people call their period ‘chums’, I am sorry but it isn’t your fun, friend paying you a visit!



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