My new food obsession is this smoked cheese with chilly flakes in it– so, so good. Consumed a lot of it this weekend along with white wine. Saturday had us bumming around at home, a late breakfast of idli-vada-sambar, watching rubbish on television and not moving from the couch. At some point in the evening we headed out to go get buttery, hot pav bhaji from Maharaja Chaat and buy some groceries. Got nice and drunk on two glasses of wine that night, that is how much of a light-weight I have become. We watched ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘The Croods’ and ate Massaman curry, cooked by C, for dinner. ‘Magic Mike’ was disappointing, ‘The Croods’ was cute. After this I proceeded to put my earphones on, lay in bed and listened to this and this on repeat. Meanwhile, C indulged in his weekend quota of rum and soda, with the TV on in the background. A Saturday night well spent.

Sunday after a pancake breakfast, cooked by C yet again, we went for ‘Despicable Me 2’. C loves animated films, and laughed throughout. I liked bits of it, but it was in 3-D and the glasses were uncomfortable and I was getting a headache by the end of the film. Had a late lunch at Waterfront after, it was my first time there. The restaurant overlooks the Hussain Sagar Lake and was quite pretty. We had a drizzling and cloudy view of the lake, as we stuffed ourselves with Majestic chicken, Biryani and Kofta. The food was tasty, though the decor could be updated. For some reason they were playing Korean covers of love songs from the 80s.

We headed back home and had our weekly phone calls with the family, watched ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’ on some Tamil channel and had some drinks. We ate Thaalicha Thair sadam with some leftover tomato chutney, both made by me, for dinner. C said this was the best meal of the weekend, he is a keeper:)

A usual weekend for us– lazy and relaxing. The next two weekends are going to be hectic, going to Chennai one weekend and Bangalore and Madanapalle the following weekend.


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