Contorting and twisting

I am back to doing yoga. Rather than Suryanamaskar, I am trying Tara Stiles Yoga videos which are pretty hard. I have found muscles I didn’t know I had and been bent into positions I didn’t think were humanly possible, and this is just the beginners level.

I can feel my balance improving with each session, and the poses easier to do. I don’t know how much weight I will actually lose doing this, but I am definitely getting more flexible and hopefully, in time, stronger and fitter. My legs were shaking by the end of my first session and I was dripping sweat, in my book that equals a pretty good workout.

Combining all the five beginners sessions, my yoga workout is about 40 minutes long. I have trouble with the half- moon pose and sway so much I am afraid I will land on my face and break my nose. But, I manage somehow, and bend my knees wherever possible in order to keep my balance. The core workout really works the abs and I have to push myself to get through it. The other asanas are manageable and easy to follow, though I would suggest watching the video once before starting, so that you can follow better and don’t have to keep craning your neck to see what she is doing next. The session is not too slow and so you don’t get bored mid-way through an asana (this has happened to me when I went for yoga classes) and you keep moving. Definitely, a fun way to do yoga.

I am excited to see how much more flexible I will become, and hopefully will crack that half-moon pose.


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