You know what they say about the best laid plans…ours went awry. C had a long weekend for Eid, so we were going to bus it to Chennai and spend time with the family. I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to the long bus journey but I was excited for Chennai and all the fun things we would do there. We waited at the bus stop for what seemed like hours, mosquitoes biting us, watching the crowd when we realised there was no sign of our bus. We stood awhile watching other people climb on to their buses and leave for their hometowns when C finally decided to call the bus service to find out where our bus was. Our bus had been cancelled! After some heated conversations between C, the bus service and red bus, we picked up some dinner and headed home.

We spent the weekend watching movies and eating. Also while C played video games I played Candy Crush. This is my new obsession (Thank you J!). C was watching me play and he kept ‘tsk-ing’, correcting my moves and telling me to think three moves ahead — this is the problem with being married to someone who is in the gaming industry. I have decided not to play Candy Crush in front of him ever again, I have been stuck on level 29 for the past week and could have used his help, but it is alright I will move to the next level eventually. I am stubborn like that.

What else? Oh, we watched Chennai Express this weekend. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Deepika’s accent was dodgy but at least she tried speaking in Tamil. Shah Rukh Khan overacted as usual, but it was entertaining. It was a ‘leave your brains at home’, masala movie. Maybe, my expectations were so low that I was expecting far worse

Another long weekend coming up, we are meant to drive down to Madanapalle and Bangalore either tomorrow or day after. But with Telangana protests etc, I hope the roads are clear and we end up going. Fingers crossed! Sigh, just as I was about to post this and go back to trying to clear level 29, the power went off.

(The power just came back, posting this)


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