Daily dose of the inane

I admit that I check the Daily Mail website at least a couple of times a day. I need my daily dose of Kardashian gossip, celebrity fashion deconstructed and shady link-ups. Most of the stories (I use this term in the loosest possible sense) have more pictures (images of celebrities shopping, carrying grocery bags, or getting coffee ) than content. But, I enjoy analysing what is worn, the hair, the make-up (even better when there is no make-up on) etc — It makes them seem more human.

Most of the stories are inane and some border on the ludicrous. But this one takes the cake (pun intended, I couldn’t help myself)
Gem of a story. You must all read it.

In other news I cracked level 29 of Candy Crush, I am actually on level 37 at the moment. Aaah so much time put to such good use.

Off to Madanapalle and Bangalore tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed the roads are clear.


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