Note Love

There are few things that make me happier than a stack of new books waiting to be read. A close second would have to be a lovely notebook waiting to be filled. I recently came across stationery by letternote, I fell in love with their notebooks. They are well-designed, have interesting covers and are super light. The first notebook I bought from them is a small one which has an audio cassette tape cover, it is the perfect size to carry in your handbag and ideal for jotting down lists. Yesterday, I bought another letternote notebook, this one is diary sized and is called ‘Places We Love- India’. The cover is  yellow and has black outlines of historical buildings from across the country on it, I love it. 

Now I have to think of something worth writing and will do justice to the gorgeous notebooks.



I feel tired and lethargic most of the times. I have no will to really do anything. I spend the day watching shows online, eating, and working out sporadically- there is nothing happening in my life to tire me out. So, I don’t know why I feel this way. I just want to get in bed and pass out. Maybe it is depression? I don’t know. But, I feel tired. And I feel guilty for feeling tired since I don’t do much. I think I need to be around more people, there is just too much of me and the computer hanging out together the whole day. That last sentence depressed the hell out of me.

Off to Bangalore next week, will get some tests done, spend time with family etc. It will be a nice change. I am looking forward to it, not the tests, the having people around bit.

Office life

Mockumentries have ruined ‘working in an office’ for me. Not that I do work in an office at the moment, but if I ever do again, it will never live up to ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’.  

I expect a mad, fun boss. I want a Cafe Disco. I demand workplace shenanigans and nutty but lovable co-workers.

Perhaps, some day.

Word Play

I do not like the word ‘Pulchritude’. Oh the irony of having such an ugly sounding word mean beauty.
I also do not care for the word ‘Buttocks’, the stress at the end of the word makes me shudder. ‘Insouciance’ say it over and over, so annoying.

I do like the word ‘Ludicrous’, it rolls of the tongue marvelously.

In my head

I cannot do more than one task at a time. And while doing one task I am constantly thinking of what is next on my list and how I should go about doing it. All that thinking and planning gets me anxious and worried. Which is silly because more often than not, the tasks are mundane and really nothing to fret about. And I never have more than three tasks to complete in a day.

Another problem I have is that I procrastinate, and when a deadline nears the nerves kick in. So, I am worrying, nervous and anxious all at the same time. This is not good for my health, I know this. But, I cannot make myself stop stressing.

I think I might have some sort of disorder. Who on earth gets stressed because they have to do a five minute telephonic interview at the same time they had planned to do yoga? I do! I could have done yoga after, but then my shower would get postponed. And just thinking about the changes made me upset and uncomfortable. So, I rescheduled the interview for tomorrow morning. I am scared this could turn into a serious problem.

I need to breathe, I need to keep calm and carry on.


Yesterday I turned 29. Yes, my birthday falls on September 11. Also, my brother’s birthday is on September 11, though he is five years younger. We get a few looks and double- takes about it. It was a quiet birthday, I put that down to my advanced age. A nice bottle of wine was drunk, C and I watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation and brownies were consumed.

It was a day that didn’t start out well, but worked itself out by the end. Another year goes by.


Misstumnus, otherwise known as J, and I have the best most random conversations ever. These conversations usually take place via chat or e-mail. I had decided to share some of our whiny, entertaining and insightful exchanges with you, my readers. This particular flurry of emails were exchanged between 4 pm and 6 pm, today. Also V, is her boyfriend.


Saw it in the morning.

dude some of these siblings look soo alike

S: (After having looked through half the buzzfeed link)
I just want my damn period to come and have it over with.

Poor S, it will come soon. Try the raw ginger thing my sister swears by. Or have one Ibuprofen, I was dying of cramps and it helped immensely

I am a nut case. I’m in lying in bed trying to get up. I feel like I should go for a walk or do some yoga. But, i have no inclination. So, feeling guilty for not exercising, not even like I exercise so much. Plus, im worrying about I don’t know what. And am vaguely craving either a south Indian saapad or a veggie burger. Its all very confusing. Also, I am still in bed.
p.s. Its not even proper cramps, its a vague depression and feeling of weakness.

Don’t try working out if you are feeling under weather, you’ll just feel worse later. Get something tasty for dinner. Read Marriage Plot.

Maybe I have radiation poisoning from staring at screens all the time

If that were so, V would be dead already.