Misstumnus, otherwise known as J, and I have the best most random conversations ever. These conversations usually take place via chat or e-mail. I had decided to share some of our whiny, entertaining and insightful exchanges with you, my readers. This particular flurry of emails were exchanged between 4 pm and 6 pm, today. Also V, is her boyfriend.


Saw it in the morning.

dude some of these siblings look soo alike

S: (After having looked through half the buzzfeed link)
I just want my damn period to come and have it over with.

Poor S, it will come soon. Try the raw ginger thing my sister swears by. Or have one Ibuprofen, I was dying of cramps and it helped immensely

I am a nut case. I’m in lying in bed trying to get up. I feel like I should go for a walk or do some yoga. But, i have no inclination. So, feeling guilty for not exercising, not even like I exercise so much. Plus, im worrying about I don’t know what. And am vaguely craving either a south Indian saapad or a veggie burger. Its all very confusing. Also, I am still in bed.
p.s. Its not even proper cramps, its a vague depression and feeling of weakness.

Don’t try working out if you are feeling under weather, you’ll just feel worse later. Get something tasty for dinner. Read Marriage Plot.

Maybe I have radiation poisoning from staring at screens all the time

If that were so, V would be dead already.



One thought on “Conversations

  1. Hahaha I had massive withdrawal symptoms from you being offline! I ever posted on your Facebook ‚̧

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