In my head

I cannot do more than one task at a time. And while doing one task I am constantly thinking of what is next on my list and how I should go about doing it. All that thinking and planning gets me anxious and worried. Which is silly because more often than not, the tasks are mundane and really nothing to fret about. And I never have more than three tasks to complete in a day.

Another problem I have is that I procrastinate, and when a deadline nears the nerves kick in. So, I am worrying, nervous and anxious all at the same time. This is not good for my health, I know this. But, I cannot make myself stop stressing.

I think I might have some sort of disorder. Who on earth gets stressed because they have to do a five minute telephonic interview at the same time they had planned to do yoga? I do! I could have done yoga after, but then my shower would get postponed. And just thinking about the changes made me upset and uncomfortable. So, I rescheduled the interview for tomorrow morning. I am scared this could turn into a serious problem.

I need to breathe, I need to keep calm and carry on.


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