Bound and gagged

Oh Kimye, whatever were you thinking?  Have you seen the music video Bound 2? If you haven’t, worry not. Here you go
And if you have already watched it, do watch it again and marvel at the awfulness of it. You have the  stock videos/pictures of clouds, horses running even an eagle (probably flying away in fear); Kim K sexily draped on a motorbike; and the intermittent ‘uh huh, honeys’ that makes you want to tear your ears off. Kanye,Kanye why do you do this to yourself and more importantly us? The video, the song, the lyrics are all an assault on the viewer’s senses. And Kim why are you still with this man, you look ridiculous. Also, how much have you been photoshopped/airbrushed? and was a  body double used? Because, your waist is not that tiny.

Thank god this happened. James Franco and Seth Rogan saved the day by recreating the video, frame for frame. I could not stop giggling. Seth was a brilliant Kim, he got the facial expressions spot-on (though to be fair, she had one plastic expression throughout so it couldn’t have been too much work). James, I hope Kanye doesn’t come after you for this Be prepared for a twitter war, and if ever you  find yourself on stage and he is in the audience make sure you hold on to that mike; he is most likely to jump on stage, grab that mike from you and deliver a rant. Then again you could re-enact that as well. 


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