(This was supposed to be put up yesterday but the power went off)

Today is Shirdi Sai Baba’s day, so the Sai Baba temple next door has been playing bhajans the whole day, something they do every Thursday without fail. The mother is in town, and it is her first time visiting us at our place. Luckily, the weather has been very un-March like. Instead of the usual heat and dryness, there was a freak thunderstorm with hail stones the size of marbles crashing down  a couple of days ago. So for now the weather is cool and pleasant, hope it lasts while the mother is here. We spent the day cooking, watching reality shows and snacking. The mother has already re-arranged the furniture and knick-knacks (it pains me to say this, but it looks better after she moved things around) in my home. She claims she is a bit afraid of me because I keep reminding her to use coasters and wear house slippers so that the floors don’t get dirty– she said I sound like her mother (I take that as a compliment because my grandmother keeps a lovely home). We have been in constant communication with the grandparents in Bangalore, my grandfather had a cataract surgery this morning. All seems to be well (knock wood), but at the age that they are we all tend to worry about them a bit. My brother has gone to help out, drive them to the doctor and keep my grandmother company, like the good grandchild that he is. This has been a random update from my random life. Until next time, good bye.

update: The mother and I are already starting to get on each others nerves, the close quarters I guess. This will hopefully be rectified by the weekend outings I have planned. Also the grandfather seems to have recovered well from his surgery, he won’t allow the eye drops to touch his eyes unless he can get some chocolate before and spent the morning texting all and sundry.


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