Yesterday afternoon I watched Queen. I have always liked Kangana Ranaut, she is always honest in interviews,  unapologetic about her choices , inherently stylish and doesn’t fit the mold of a typical Bollywood heroine. I have been waiting to see her in a movie that showcased her talent and this was it. She fit the role and made it her own, and in my opinion no other actress could have pulled it off (seeing as most of them are more worried about looking glamorous and perfect on screen no matter what character they play). For the first time I felt emotional watching a Hindi movie. Kangana plays the character of Rani- a middle class Delhi girl- who gets jilted by her fiance the day before her wedding. Having always dreamed of going abroad on her honeymoon, she decides to go by herself to Paris and Amsterdam. There are a medley of characters who come into her life throughout the film, but ultimately, the story is about Rani and the experiences she has and the things she learns about her self and life. There is no judgement, there is no moralising and you wont find your typical happy ending here. The film was sweet, fun and touching and I came out of the theater feeling moved and happy at the same time. I hope there are more movies made like this in Indian cinema, because we need films like this, where we can see a little bit of ourselves in the character on screen. 


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