Things that make me happy

Happiness is
1. Getting my hands on a book I have been meaning to read

2. Sleeping on a bed made with freshly laundered sheets

3. A cold beer on a warm evening

4. Eating a red velvet cupcake

5. Receiving surprise gifts

6. Snuggling in bed with my significant other

7. South Indian breakfast and filter coffee

8. Listening to music like this

9. A plate of Biryani and potato chips on a Sunday afternoon

10. Sweet smelling bath and beauty products

11. A successful shopping trip

12. Having someone else cook for me and better yet doing the dishes after

13. A gossip session with my best friends

14. Being inspired

15. Marathon watching a fun tv show

16. Lying on the beach in Goa

17. Having enough money in my bank account

18. A post- workout high

19. Being lucky enough to experience the things that make me happy

20. Having a healthy and content family (knock wood!)


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