Kimye take Vogue

First off, I have to confess that I rather enjoy watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. They entertain me, with their madness and antics. Also, good for them for making use of the opportunities presented and doing well for themselves. I am almost fond of them all. Even so, I just cannot reconcile myself to the fact that Kim made the cover of Vogue America!


Kanye West, on the other hand, I just do not like. The things he says, the way he acts, just puts me off. So how did the powers that be at Vogue decide to put him and the woman dubbed to be ‘famous for being famous’ on the April Cover? April Fool joke maybe? She is hardly stylish and he is an idiot. You might wonder at my outrage, it isn’t like Vogue is a testament to great writing, but it is the original fashion bible which has featured strong women who have achieved great things (Oprah), icons ( Michelle Obama), Oscar winning actors and stunning supermodels. So, it is pretty disappointing to have Kim and Kanye on the cover.
Can I also say what an unimpressive cover shot! Boring and bland, if you ask me.
I enjoy how Anna Wintour justifies her reasons for putting them on the cover in her editorial, almost reads like she was trying to convince herself. It’s pretty obvious this edition is targeted to all the Kimye fans and social media followers, and Vogue has even added in some behind-the-scenes footage of the couple with their child on the website, probably to gain even more traction. All this only can only mean, especially with print media dying, that desperate times call for desperate measures.


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