Best time ever

Lying in bed, ac on, movie on the laptop, beer in hand, snacks to munch on, you by my side– best time ever. Thank god I married you!


Bloody hot!

This post contains TMI, you have been warned

I lie in bed as I type this. This morning I got my period, and a particularly heavy one at that. It came late and with no PMS symptoms heralding it’s arrival. I was glad to see it because it meant I wasn’t pregnant, and everything was working as it should down there. My last period was particularly light and I was worried about PCOS or worse, but it was probably just the weather combined with a new workout routine and stress confusing my lady parts. Anyway here it finally is, and while I am happy to see it I am also feeling cranky and tired. The weather isn’t helping, it is HOT! I sweat taking literally two steps. So I have decided to lie in bed and move as little as possible today. Just as I thought I’d have a little snooze, the silence was broken by drilling, hammering and other construction related noises. It was from the empty lot next door. Which idiot decided that a hot afternoon is the perfect time to start work on a new building? So I decided to type this out instead and fill you in on all the gross, sweaty details.

About time

Watched the sweet and adorable ‘About Time’.I love me a Richard Curtis film, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Talking about time, how did I get so old in the blink of an eye. I turn 30 in a few months, I am scared, anxious and excited for what awaits me on the other side. As the days race by, I want to make the most of the time before I turn 30, enjoy the little things, workout to be fit and strong and most of all find a job/career that fulfils me.

Happy Tamil New Year

In Tamil we wish each other ‘Iniya Puthandu Vazhthukkal’, which in English translates to sweet new year greeting! Not only Tamil new year, today is Vishu (Kerala), Bihu (Assam), Baisakhi (Punjab) and Pohela Boishakh ( Bengal) as well…. Phew! Growing up, I looked forward to the holiday we would get up from school/college, a day to sleep in. But now, I long for the food. I wish I was at home eating vada and payasam, but I made do with condensed milk and bananas (my version of payasam). Anyway here is wishing you all a happy and prosperous year ahead.

April Showers

It rained two nights ago and yesterday it was cloudy and thundering. The temperatures cooled down a tad, but there was more humidity in the air- guess you can’t have it all. I hope the rains continue and the temperature drops. Apparently, one should never buy/eat the mangoes that come into the market right after the April showers, since these rains are usually acid rains. I learn something new everyday. And if you already knew that, good for you! 

Guilty pleasures

•Warm bread slathered with Amul butter and jam
•A historical romance or legal thriller novel that can be finished in one sitting
•A frothy and sweet hazelnut cappuccino
•Spending the afternoon watching a rom-com movie
•Buying a pair of shoes or a top that I definitely don’t need
•Catching up on celebrity gossip on the Daily Mail website
•Digging my way through a tub of London Dairy Tiramisu ice cream till I reach the caramely gooiness at the bottom
•Eating up all the roasted peanuts in a packet of mixture
•Lying in bed under the blanket for an extra ten or twenty minutes in the mornings