Bloody hot!

This post contains TMI, you have been warned

I lie in bed as I type this. This morning I got my period, and a particularly heavy one at that. It came late and with no PMS symptoms heralding it’s arrival. I was glad to see it because it meant I wasn’t pregnant, and everything was working as it should down there. My last period was particularly light and I was worried about PCOS or worse, but it was probably just the weather combined with a new workout routine and stress confusing my lady parts. Anyway here it finally is, and while I am happy to see it I am also feeling cranky and tired. The weather isn’t helping, it is HOT! I sweat taking literally two steps. So I have decided to lie in bed and move as little as possible today. Just as I thought I’d have a little snooze, the silence was broken by drilling, hammering and other construction related noises. It was from the empty lot next door. Which idiot decided that a hot afternoon is the perfect time to start work on a new building? So I decided to type this out instead and fill you in on all the gross, sweaty details.


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