Resolutions 2015

I am back and it feels apt to start with a post on my resolutions for 2015. Can I just say, how did it already get to be the year 2015?! I read this post somewhere that we are as far from the year 2030 as we are to the year 2000– it’s a pretty obvious mathematical conclusion, but it still freaked me out.

I know I am a little late when it comes to listing my resolutions for the New Year, but we are still in the month of January, so I think I’m okay.

Here goes:

1. Blog more and regularly. Considering my last post was months ago, this has to be my top resolution for the year. I need to make writing a habit, since freelance work doesn’t come by all the time blogging will also serve as an easy way to keep up with my writing and as an outlet for my angst as well.

2. Be  positive. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a bit of a ‘negative Nancy’. I always expect the worst to happen, and worrying is second-nature to me. Somewhere I believe that if I expect the worst to happen, then I will always be prepared and more-often-than-not things won’t be as bad as I imagined. I know this is unhealthy and I am putting myself and the people around me under a lot of stress. I need to be calmer and identify and stop myself if I’m getting into one of my pessimistic moods.

3. Be healthy. I am clubbing together the cliche resolutions of working out more and eating well here. Though, I am happy to report that I have been following these two religiously for the past two weeks. I workout for 45-60 minutes a day/ 6 days a week, I am doing this to get fit and strong, more than to lose weight (though I wouldn’t complain if I did lose a ton of weight). Also, most nights I don’t have carbs for dinner. I am eating more vegetables and fruits and cutting back on sugar. It has only been a couple of weeks but I am being positive about these new lifestyle changes (that’s a check for resolution number 2).

4. Be less bitchy and gossipy. I love gossip, I enjoy hearing it, analysing it and invariably sharing it. I know this is very, very wrong. Who know’s what the subject of the gossip is going through or dealing with? I am going to try to be more empathetic and less judgmental. And shall not indulge in negative gossip.

5. Be patient. I have to stop skipping ahead to the end of the book I am reading to see what happens. I have this bad habit of sneaking to the last pages of a book to see who the killer is, or who dies, or if people end up living happily ever after. I need to stop doing that and learn to go with the flow. This might be the hardest resolution to keep!

6. Be more connected to family and friends. I am part of whatsapp groups with most of my close family and friends. But it’s sort of a cop-out. Sending random updates and sharing videos of cute puppies, links to articles and pictures from this-or-that party doesn’t really provide insight into what is happening in said friend or relative’s life. I am going to make more of an effort to call/skype/facetime with my loved ones and have actual conversations with them in the New Year.

7. Be less controlling. I like to control plans, people, situations and I get very emotional if things don’t go exactly the way I would like them to. In the process I never enjoy the moment and I end up being a ball of stress. I will learn to let go. To let people be. And to sit back and be in the moment.

Wish me luck!


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