Just finished reading ‘Mukiwa’ by Peter Godwin. I love reading memoirs, especially ones about dysfunctional families. This memoir wasn’t about a dysfunctional family, per say, it was about growing up in erstwhile Rhodesia, in the last days before it became Zimbabwe. It made me smile,
it made me sad and  horrified me at certain points. Peter Godwin, was a journalist, so the writing has a journalistic bend to it and made for an interesting read. I bought the sequel, ‘When the Crocodile Eats the Sun’, but will read something else before I start on it.

The ‘something else’ I plan to read is ‘Sovereign’ by C.J. Sansom. This is the third novel in the Matthew Shardlake series. The historical mystery series, follows the exploits of Mathew Shardlake, a hunchback lawyer, in England during the reign of King Henry VIII ( a period I love reading about). I haven’t read any of the previous books in the series but I am hoping it doesn’t make a difference.

I have also been reading a lot of Paul Theroux. Travel literature is another genre I enjoy reading. I liked ‘ The Great Railway Bazaar’ and loved ‘The Last Train to Zona Verde’, didn’t enjoy ‘ The Kingdom by the Sea’ as much. I still have ‘Riding the Iron Rooster’ and ‘ The Elephanta Suite’ ( this one is fiction and consists of three novellas) sitting on my bookshelf.

I recently bought tons of second hand books from Blossoms in Bangalore and the husband bought me a couple of books for our anniversary. The bookshelves are creaking with the weight of books, but the sight of filled shelves makes me a very happy lady. Knowing I have so many lovely books to read gives me something to look forward to.


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