C’s Birthday

February 4th  was the husband’s birthday. It wasn’t a big birthday, since we both turned the dreaded 30 last year. I did convince him to take off work yesterday, which meant he worked from home. I woke him up at midnight, actually 11.45, the night before and surprised him with a t-shirt and birthday coupons. I had spent a whole morning making the birthday coupons and realised I do not have a single artistic bone in my body. Luckily, coloured glitter pens came to the rescue and I decorated the coupons with squiggles and shapes. He seemed quite touched by the effort.

I had also bought some yummy pastries and those served as a birthday breakfast treat. After which I lounged around while he worked. For lunch I took him to an Asian restaurant. There are many things we don’t agree on, but we agree on the important things, like, Thai food is the best thing ever. We ordered way too much but that meant yummy leftovers for dinner. Win!

The evening was spent with him working and me napping and reading. Also, because it was his birthday I tried to keep my nagging to the minimum which meant that we didn’t get into any annoying arguments. The evening was spent in front of the tv and we turned in early. It was a peaceful, relaxed day and there is a certain loveliness to days like that. Wow, we are growing old!


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