In the summertime 

Summer is here. I just had an afternoon nap from which I woke up swimming in sweat. That would explain why I woke up thirsty and proceeded to gulp down half a bottle of tepid water. 

Today it is 37 degrees centigrade in searing Hyderabad and it’s just going to get worse. It doesn’t help that we live on the top most floor of the apartment building, which means most of the rooms in our home are like ovens. 

I could turn on the air conditioner in the afternoons but that feels like too much of an indulgence. Also, I don’t want to make that a habit considering  the long summer power cuts will invariably start soon. 

It’s a dry heat here, a complete change from the humid heat of Chennai where I grew up. I don’t know which is preferable. But in a couple of days I will be experiencing the latter. Oh joy!

Now excuse me while I go stand under the cold shower for about an hour or two.



So, my period is super late. Super, super late. The thing is it’s been late every month for the past three months. It’s later than ever and every morning I wake up thinking, ‘it’ll come today’.  But so far, nothing! 

I have also taken to obsessing over every symptom I have which could signal an impending period– cramps, bloating, mood swings etc.  I don’t know anymore if I’m  imagining symptoms or if that twinge was actually a cramp. 

The Internet is a dangerous place for hypochondriacs, and from my extensive googling online I’m convinced I have PCOS — my skin has been breaking out more than usual. 

I could just take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy and go to the doctor and figure out why my period is late, but I’d rather suffer and agonise.

I’m pretty sure it’ll arrive tomorrow, I think I just felt a cramp. 

The Vikings

I have always wanted to watch a tv series from start to finish with C. Sure, we watch a lot of movies together. But there is something about watching a tv series– the anticapation of what will happen in the next episode, discussing what we liked about it, and to have that time everyday where we can bond over a common interest. In an ideal world I would like to replace the tv series with a book, but for now this will do.

I always thought I would pick the show and it would probably be a series I have watched and loved, and want to share with him– ‘The Office’, maybe, or even ‘Frasier’. We watched a few episodes of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Office’ but it wasn’t the right fit for us as a couple. Though, I can binge watch the shows by myself.

Well, a few of days ago C suggested watching ‘Vikings’. I had heard of it but had never watched it. ¬†He took it upon himself to download the first two seasons and we are nearly done with watching the first season already. The show appeals to my love of history, though the accuracy of the show can be questioned. Moreover, it is entertaining and the characters interesting. There is quite a bit of death and sex, along with adventure, which keeps you quite hooked. Not to mention the lead actor who plays Ragnor Lothbrok, the legendary Norse hero, is a looker.

I am enjoying watching the tv series with my other half. Maybe this will become a habit. Fingers crossed!