So, my period is super late. Super, super late. The thing is it’s been late every month for the past three months. It’s later than ever and every morning I wake up thinking, ‘it’ll come today’.  But so far, nothing! 

I have also taken to obsessing over every symptom I have which could signal an impending period– cramps, bloating, mood swings etc.  I don’t know anymore if I’m  imagining symptoms or if that twinge was actually a cramp. 

The Internet is a dangerous place for hypochondriacs, and from my extensive googling online I’m convinced I have PCOS — my skin has been breaking out more than usual. 

I could just take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy and go to the doctor and figure out why my period is late, but I’d rather suffer and agonise.

I’m pretty sure it’ll arrive tomorrow, I think I just felt a cramp. 


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