Weather gods confused

Supposed to be summer in Hyderabad. Days of searing heat, dryness and feeling like your face is going to burst into a ball of flames. We had a couple of days of that here and then it started to pour. Hailstorms, wind, thunder and rains causes the temperature to drastically drop. I woke up this morning to an overcast and cold day (18 degrees centigrade!). I’m not complaining. Just wondering how long it will last and what the hell is going on with the weather.



[Update] Enjoyed the book. Identified with it, was hooked.

I probably should have read this years ago, but better late than never. J D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye is a favourite of many people I know. There are also a few who really didn’t get the point of the book and why it is considered a classic.  So far I think I fall in the latter group. Though I still have a way to go before I finish the book, so I might change my mind by the end. Let’s see. Considering how angsty I am even at the age of 30 I probably should identify with the protaganist. On the other hand familiarity breeds contempt and all that. I’m rambling. I’ll get back to my book now.