Nap time

I have become quite in favour of siesta time for the past couple of months. My freelance work has dried up for the moment and as much as I read, watch shows and cook, I still find I have a lot of time on my hands. 

There is plenty to do around the house. I could cook more than two dishes a day, dust, clean and re-stock the kitchen shelves, wash the curtains etc. But alas, I am not that domestic. Also it is unbelievably hot here. So come 2.30 pm, I can be found lying in bed with a book, my eyes drooping and before you know it I am sound asleep. Here is my problem with afternoon naps, I can’t just cat-nap for half hour. I end up sleeping for a good two hours. I wake up cranky and sweaty (this heat I tell you!) with a slight headache. 

Worse still I can’t sleep in the night. My active imagination and C’s snoring keeps me company as I lie in bed and by the time I sleep it’s around 1 in the morning, this leads to not being able to get up the next morning and the vicious cycle continues, ad nauseam.

This afternoon, I tried my best to not go and lie in bed. I lasted till 3 pm and gave in. I somehow managed to nap for only half hour. It took everything I had to wake up. Now, to wait and see if the cycle has been broken. Tomorrow, I hope to avoid my afternoon nap completely — lofty goals!


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