I am…

  • Trying not to take a nap, really not advisable since it’s already 4pm.
  • Re-reading the Adrian Mole series for the gazillionth time. Crazy how much I identify with a Middle England-er, who grew up in Thatcher era and is pedantic,anxious and fussy. And, he makes me laugh.
  • Thinking about making one-pot sambar rice for dinner.
  • Feeling slightly nauseated after having eaten two chocolate chip cookies
  • Relieved that I’ve gotten paid for two stories. Still far from having the bank balance I would like, but feels good to see some money in my account.
  • Reminding self not to spend a significant amount of said money on books and to finish reading the ones I have.
  • Dreaming about a jaunt across Europe — museums, cafes and lovely parks.
  • Telling myself to stop day dreaming and to go bring the clothes in as it looks like rain.

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