I don’t know if it’s the heat (44 degrees!) or the fact that I am pms-ing (Wow, I talk about my menstrual cycle a lot) but I feel weak and slow. I can barely hold my body up, it just wants to sink into every surface I sit on and curl up into a foetal position. I attempted to work out, I lasted 15 minutes, and now my body feels more jelly-like than ever.

I know the heat has really got to me when I don’t feel like eating a donut or drinking a mug of coffee, both of which are ready and available to me. We have planned a road trip for this weekend, hope the temperature goes down, even if just a bit, by then.

I wonder if I should cook something for dinner, but just the thought of standing over a stove in a hot kitchen makes me sweat. I wonder if all my perspiring means I am losing weight. I wouldn’t mind the summer so much then.

My brain is starting to liquify and I think I need to get off this laptop and drink some ice cold water, also I don’t know what I am writing anymore.


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