Radio Gaga

C downloaded the tunein radio app on the playstation which has been connected to the television, and now every morning we turn it on and the apartment is filled with music. I was never too fond of the playstation and all the video games C is obsessed with, but now I cannot imagine my life without it. This tunein is so much fun. Tons of radio stations and genres of music to choose from.

I gravitate towards music from the 80s and 90s: the music of my childhood. When I was young my parents’ had videocassettes filled with Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Duran Duran, Queen, Culture Club, Roxette and countless others artistes’ music videos. My siblings and I watched them till the tapes fell apart. Thanks to which we would insist on singing ‘Like a Virgin’ to visitors, to our mother’s embarassment. One of my favourite songs from the videotapes were ‘ 99 luftballoons’, so this morning when it  came on I shrieked and danced around. The radio has also been playing music by bands from my teenage years; Savage Garden, Garbage, U2 and a whole bunch more.

All this music has made me appreciate my mornings, everything seems happier and lighter. I do the Guardian crossword, drink my morning tea, decide what to do with my day with a soundtrack tailored for me playing. When the help comes to clean we both potter about the house with music playing in the background.  I also learnt that C loves western classical music and goes of into a trance when we are listening to the classic station. I think turning on the radio and starting your day with music should be made mandatory, I am sure it does all sorts of good things for your body and mind. Life is good! Ooh, ‘Tom’s Diner’ by Suzanne Vega just came on, haven’t heard it in years, got to go dance like no one’s watching.


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