Writer’s Block

I have to work on a small feature story but I just can’t seem to get into the mood to write. I have all the information collected and got the required quotes from the experts, but when it comes to putting it all together and writing it, my mind goes blank. I can’t find the words, the sentences I construct are boring and I just want to close the Word document.

Instead of writing the piece I am watching episodes of ‘The Office’. Intermittently, I open the Word doc and stare at what I have typed already. So far, I have added a sentence here and there and come up with a heading for the story. At this rate I will finish a 500 word piece in about a week.

I hope for a creative surge which will get me to write the story in one go and be done with it. Till then, this is how i’ll have to get by.



This could turn out to be a good day, I think. I sit on the sofa reading ‘Death Comes to Pemberly’, while the husband makes pancakes for breakfast.

The day stretches ahead of me and I don’t mind waiting for the coffee decoction to trickle down the filter slowly. Nothing like the smell of freshly brewed filter coffee in the morning. I can even hear the sparrows chirping outside the window.

And then C turns on the television and puts on the news. Shouting anchors, put-upon guests and a stream of idiotic advertisements every 30 seconds fills the room. There goes the peace.

Wolf Hall – TV series

I finished watching the first two episodes of ‘Wolf Hall’. I was filled with some trepidation when I heard the series was being made, because for the most part, tv and movie adaptations of beloved books never live up to the original text, in my experience. Either the casting is off, too many scenes from the book are left out or the emotions and atmosphere in the book just doesn’t translate on screen. But, as I watched Hilary Mantel’s  ‘Wolf Hall’ and the sequel ‘Bring Up the Bodies’ brought to life on screen, I was quite transfixed.

Mark Rylance makes a terrific Thomas Cromwell. He is restrained and mysterious, but still conveys vulnerability by the way he sits and sorrow or determination with his eyes. Damien Lewis makes a decent Henry VIII but Rylance steals the show, as he should. So far, the characters seem to have been cast well. While the first episode was a tad too slow for me, the second episode picked up the pace and was far more gripping.

I read online that many viewers had complaints about the dim lighting in the scenes where candlelight has been used. I thought it was atmospheric and portrayed the mood of the scene rather well. No complaints from me! I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I am also hoping that the last installment of the trilogy will be out soon: maybe to coincide with the end of the tv series? Fingers crossed!

Madras <3

In a house by the sea, surrounded by trees, I lie in bed reading. Sometimes I wander from room to room– rooms filled with paintings, rooms filled with books.
I eat home food, crisp dosas and spicy chutneys, sambar rice and spinach poriyal– food I haven’t had to cook.
I go out, I am driven around. I smell the city and the sea, I see the people, I hear the language, I read the signs in Tamil, and I realise how much I have missed you.
You can be dirty, crowded and hot, but you are also laid-back,cultured, kind and lovely–Madras, my heart will always belong to you.

Guilty pleasures

•Warm bread slathered with Amul butter and jam
•A historical romance or legal thriller novel that can be finished in one sitting
•A frothy and sweet hazelnut cappuccino
•Spending the afternoon watching a rom-com movie
•Buying a pair of shoes or a top that I definitely don’t need
•Catching up on celebrity gossip on the Daily Mail website
•Digging my way through a tub of London Dairy Tiramisu ice cream till I reach the caramely gooiness at the bottom
•Eating up all the roasted peanuts in a packet of mixture
•Lying in bed under the blanket for an extra ten or twenty minutes in the mornings


I am obsessed with Instagram. I might even be addicted. The minute I get up in the morning, I don’t brush my teeth or wash my face, I turn on my phone to check Instagram, I check it about ten times a day. Fashion, food, workout inspirations I get it all. I even hashtag search restaurants  to see what sort of pictures are up before deciding to go there. Facebook has been relegated to the background and Instagram has all my attention. Pictures truly speak a thousand words.