The Vikings

I have always wanted to watch a tv series from start to finish with C. Sure, we watch a lot of movies together. But there is something about watching a tv series– the anticapation of what will happen in the next episode, discussing what we liked about it, and to have that time everyday where we can bond over a common interest. In an ideal world I would like to replace the tv series with a book, but for now this will do.

I always thought I would pick the show and it would probably be a series I have watched and loved, and want to share with him– ‘The Office’, maybe, or even ‘Frasier’. We watched a few episodes of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Office’ but it wasn’t the right fit for us as a couple. Though, I can binge watch the shows by myself.

Well, a few of days ago C suggested watching ‘Vikings’. I had heard of it but had never watched it.  He took it upon himself to download the first two seasons and we are nearly done with watching the first season already. The show appeals to my love of history, though the accuracy of the show can be questioned. Moreover, it is entertaining and the characters interesting. There is quite a bit of death and sex, along with adventure, which keeps you quite hooked. Not to mention the lead actor who plays Ragnor Lothbrok, the legendary Norse hero, is a looker.

I am enjoying watching the tv series with my other half. Maybe this will become a habit. Fingers crossed!


Writer’s Block

I have to work on a small feature story but I just can’t seem to get into the mood to write. I have all the information collected and got the required quotes from the experts, but when it comes to putting it all together and writing it, my mind goes blank. I can’t find the words, the sentences I construct are boring and I just want to close the Word document.

Instead of writing the piece I am watching episodes of ‘The Office’. Intermittently, I open the Word doc and stare at what I have typed already. So far, I have added a sentence here and there and come up with a heading for the story. At this rate I will finish a 500 word piece in about a week.

I hope for a creative surge which will get me to write the story in one go and be done with it. Till then, this is how i’ll have to get by.

Wolf Hall – TV series

I finished watching the first two episodes of ‘Wolf Hall’. I was filled with some trepidation when I heard the series was being made, because for the most part, tv and movie adaptations of beloved books never live up to the original text, in my experience. Either the casting is off, too many scenes from the book are left out or the emotions and atmosphere in the book just doesn’t translate on screen. But, as I watched Hilary Mantel’s  ‘Wolf Hall’ and the sequel ‘Bring Up the Bodies’ brought to life on screen, I was quite transfixed.

Mark Rylance makes a terrific Thomas Cromwell. He is restrained and mysterious, but still conveys vulnerability by the way he sits and sorrow or determination with his eyes. Damien Lewis makes a decent Henry VIII but Rylance steals the show, as he should. So far, the characters seem to have been cast well. While the first episode was a tad too slow for me, the second episode picked up the pace and was far more gripping.

I read online that many viewers had complaints about the dim lighting in the scenes where candlelight has been used. I thought it was atmospheric and portrayed the mood of the scene rather well. No complaints from me! I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I am also hoping that the last installment of the trilogy will be out soon: maybe to coincide with the end of the tv series? Fingers crossed!

Things that make me happy

Happiness is
1. Getting my hands on a book I have been meaning to read

2. Sleeping on a bed made with freshly laundered sheets

3. A cold beer on a warm evening

4. Eating a red velvet cupcake

5. Receiving surprise gifts

6. Snuggling in bed with my significant other

7. South Indian breakfast and filter coffee

8. Listening to music like this

9. A plate of Biryani and potato chips on a Sunday afternoon

10. Sweet smelling bath and beauty products

11. A successful shopping trip

12. Having someone else cook for me and better yet doing the dishes after

13. A gossip session with my best friends

14. Being inspired

15. Marathon watching a fun tv show

16. Lying on the beach in Goa

17. Having enough money in my bank account

18. A post- workout high

19. Being lucky enough to experience the things that make me happy

20. Having a healthy and content family (knock wood!)


Hello, hello. It has been a while. Recently I had a bit of a health scare, they found a cyst on my spleen and surgery was a possibility. But, thankfully they did a bunch of tests and due to the small size of the cyst that came to naught and for the time being they are just going to monitor it. Thank god! 

I am very proud of myself because for the past ten days I have worked out every single day. This is my new addiction, Fitness Blender. You can choose workouts based on length of time, levels and which part of the body you want to work on. You have the option of Cardio, Pilates, HIIT and strength training among others. I enjoy trying out workouts and mixing it up, that way I don’t get bored. On other days I do yoga or go for a walk, I even did a couple of days of level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. It takes quite a bit of pushing  myself to do my workouts but I see results, not weight- loss wise, but I do feel stronger and can workout longer.

My new guilty pleasure is watching the Bravo channel reality shows. The Real Housewives of Miami, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The  Real Housewives of Miami and The Rachel Zoe Project. Oh god, I just can’t help myself. They are so over the top, decadent, idiotic and mental and it is just too much fun to watch. I especially enjoy the fashion and plethora of designer shoes and bags.

However, to balance out the ridiculous tv shows I watch, I have been reading a lot of interesting and well-written books. Especially, a bunch of memoirs. Will save that for a later post.

I have learnt that often I have an opinion on things without having enough information on the subject. I have an opinion, just to have an opinion. And, I can be stubborn and condescending while putting my thoughts across. I need to stop doing that, because I could end up hurting people. As they say, acceptance is the first step towards recovery. So, I am going to be careful about that from now on. 

I am glad the weekend is here. Haven’t seen much of C lately, he has been terribly busy with work, sometimes coming home as late as 11 pm. So, tonight he should hopefully be back at the reasonable hour of 8 pm (fingers crossed) and we are going to eat some Chinese food and relax. Have a great weekend!


Office life

Mockumentries have ruined ‘working in an office’ for me. Not that I do work in an office at the moment, but if I ever do again, it will never live up to ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’.  

I expect a mad, fun boss. I want a Cafe Disco. I demand workplace shenanigans and nutty but lovable co-workers.

Perhaps, some day.

Parks and Rec

When I feel down, when I am sad, when I am pms-ing, when the world just gets way too depressing I turn to the town of Pawnee, Indiana to cheer me up. Specifically, the Parks and Recreation department. I absolutely love this show, it makes me happy, it makes me giggle and it puts me in the best mood. I adore the characters, they are my friends. I would like to think a place like that filled with similar characters exist. I would like to visit that place. Parks and Rec thank you for always entertaining me and for putting a smile on my face. Special shout out to Ron Swanson, perhaps the best part of the show.