[Update] Enjoyed the book. Identified with it, was hooked.

I probably should have read this years ago, but better late than never. J D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye is a favourite of many people I know. There are also a few who really didn’t get the point of the book and why it is considered a classic.  So far I think I fall in the latter group. Though I still have a way to go before I finish the book, so I might change my mind by the end. Let’s see. Considering how angsty I am even at the age of 30 I probably should identify with the protaganist. On the other hand familiarity breeds contempt and all that. I’m rambling. I’ll get back to my book now. 


In the summertime 

Summer is here. I just had an afternoon nap from which I woke up swimming in sweat. That would explain why I woke up thirsty and proceeded to gulp down half a bottle of tepid water. 

Today it is 37 degrees centigrade in searing Hyderabad and it’s just going to get worse. It doesn’t help that we live on the top most floor of the apartment building, which means most of the rooms in our home are like ovens. 

I could turn on the air conditioner in the afternoons but that feels like too much of an indulgence. Also, I don’t want to make that a habit considering  the long summer power cuts will invariably start soon. 

It’s a dry heat here, a complete change from the humid heat of Chennai where I grew up. I don’t know which is preferable. But in a couple of days I will be experiencing the latter. Oh joy!

Now excuse me while I go stand under the cold shower for about an hour or two.


So, my period is super late. Super, super late. The thing is it’s been late every month for the past three months. It’s later than ever and every morning I wake up thinking, ‘it’ll come today’.  But so far, nothing! 

I have also taken to obsessing over every symptom I have which could signal an impending period– cramps, bloating, mood swings etc.  I don’t know anymore if I’m  imagining symptoms or if that twinge was actually a cramp. 

The Internet is a dangerous place for hypochondriacs, and from my extensive googling online I’m convinced I have PCOS — my skin has been breaking out more than usual. 

I could just take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy and go to the doctor and figure out why my period is late, but I’d rather suffer and agonise.

I’m pretty sure it’ll arrive tomorrow, I think I just felt a cramp. 

The Vikings

I have always wanted to watch a tv series from start to finish with C. Sure, we watch a lot of movies together. But there is something about watching a tv series– the anticapation of what will happen in the next episode, discussing what we liked about it, and to have that time everyday where we can bond over a common interest. In an ideal world I would like to replace the tv series with a book, but for now this will do.

I always thought I would pick the show and it would probably be a series I have watched and loved, and want to share with him– ‘The Office’, maybe, or even ‘Frasier’. We watched a few episodes of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Office’ but it wasn’t the right fit for us as a couple. Though, I can binge watch the shows by myself.

Well, a few of days ago C suggested watching ‘Vikings’. I had heard of it but had never watched it.  He took it upon himself to download the first two seasons and we are nearly done with watching the first season already. The show appeals to my love of history, though the accuracy of the show can be questioned. Moreover, it is entertaining and the characters interesting. There is quite a bit of death and sex, along with adventure, which keeps you quite hooked. Not to mention the lead actor who plays Ragnor Lothbrok, the legendary Norse hero, is a looker.

I am enjoying watching the tv series with my other half. Maybe this will become a habit. Fingers crossed!

Oscars, books, family and more

I am recovering from a rather bad bout of the flu. I caught it during the last two days of my trip to Bangalore to meet the fam-bam. I still managed to enjoy my time at home. Ate too much and lazed way too much.

It was lovely spending time with the mother and grandparents; and the uncle and his fiancee were in town as well. The siblings came down from Madras and we regressed into being kids. There were times of tension– too many of us in too small a space and we eventually did start to get on each other’s nerves. But, overall, a good trip. Now that I am back, I miss the grandparents the most, sad to see them grow old. The grandfather looks rather shrunken and he burnt his hand making tea while I was there. He is still chatty and funny and coming up with brilliant new business ideas, so that is something to be thankful for. The grandmother was running herself ragged cooking and working, but wouldn’t allow anyone to help. I am really grateful to be able to spend time with them. I have learnt that we can never get enough time with the people we love and never learn everything there is to them. And I am a person who likes to know everything!

I seem to have passed the flu to my family. My parting gift to them. I am generous like that. Mine is nearly done with, just have a hacking cough that sounds worse than it is. The upside to being ill was I couldn’t sleep and was awake at the crack of dawn to watch the Oscars live. The red carpet outfits were rather meh, nothing stood out in a good way. The dresses were either a snooze, too embellished or accessorised terribly (I am talking to you Scarlett Johansson). Neil Patrick Harris’s hosting skills was bordering on boring, thought the whole John Travolta -Idina Menzel bit was rather funny. Also, the Oscars as usual played it safe and it was easy to predict the winners. However, it was nice to see that ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ took home some awards.

I am meant to be working on a story (another story, not the one I mentioned in my previous post). Too many quotes and information to go through. So instead, I am listening to the soundtrack of ‘We Bought a Zoo’, Cameron Crowe movies have the best music. I also love the soundtrack for ‘Almost Famous’. I just finished re-reading ‘Wolf Hall’ while I was in Bangalore and I am now moving on to  ‘Bring Up the Bodies’ for the second time. Watching the TV series made me want to read the books again. I am reminded how brilliant Hilary Mantel is, the writing is superb and she manages to bring the characters to life so deftly.

Wow, this is quite a long post and I shall leave it at this. Rather abrupt I know, but I am hungry and think will go see what leftovers in the fridge I can turn into my lunch.

Writer’s Block

I have to work on a small feature story but I just can’t seem to get into the mood to write. I have all the information collected and got the required quotes from the experts, but when it comes to putting it all together and writing it, my mind goes blank. I can’t find the words, the sentences I construct are boring and I just want to close the Word document.

Instead of writing the piece I am watching episodes of ‘The Office’. Intermittently, I open the Word doc and stare at what I have typed already. So far, I have added a sentence here and there and come up with a heading for the story. At this rate I will finish a 500 word piece in about a week.

I hope for a creative surge which will get me to write the story in one go and be done with it. Till then, this is how i’ll have to get by.


This could turn out to be a good day, I think. I sit on the sofa reading ‘Death Comes to Pemberly’, while the husband makes pancakes for breakfast.

The day stretches ahead of me and I don’t mind waiting for the coffee decoction to trickle down the filter slowly. Nothing like the smell of freshly brewed filter coffee in the morning. I can even hear the sparrows chirping outside the window.

And then C turns on the television and puts on the news. Shouting anchors, put-upon guests and a stream of idiotic advertisements every 30 seconds fills the room. There goes the peace.